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The Maverick is a beautifully designed aircraft. It’s a showpiece you’ll be proud to show off. Built with high performance titanium, the weight is remarkably light yet strong. The functional structure makes it very easy to assemble, so you can get right on to flying.

Delivering on performance, with the Maverick you can instantly feel the power and responsiveness for a consistent, exhilarating flight. Lightweight, well designed, and elegant. The Maverick excites. 

Available options:

  Travel case Cooling shroud E-props Helix
Frame & harness only  x x x x
Atom 80 x x x o
EOS 100 Booster ICI x x o x
EOS 150 x x o x
Standard Moster Plus x x x o
Sport Moster Plus o o o x
Pro Moster Factory  o o o x



  • High performance grade two titanium alloy


  • 10 Litre fuel capacity (2-2.5hrs)
  • 17 Litre fuel tank available as option (+$350)


  • H: 138.5 cm
  • W: 138.5 cm
  • D: 39 cm


  • 138.5 cm 


  • 125 cm (max)



Please note we do not accept internet transactions for paramotors, we want to talk to you first! Each paramotor is configured specifically for you so please talk to our office first to ensure that your purchase meets your needs.

Delivered in to 3 - 5 weeks from the order date
12 months Parajet International Ltd. & engine manufacturer warranty realized through local dealers network.

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