Master PPG DVD series

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Series of 4 DVDs (slim cases) that will help you master everything powered paragliding. 

Master PPG 1

Ground handling is widely recognized as a paramotor pilot's most important skill and the best indicator for being a good launcher. This video delves into the how and why of various methods to really master the wing, We combine information from several of our sports most skilled pilots, taking the time to show a variety of techniques for newly fledged pilots who yearn to achieve the next level.

Using live action, animation and graphics we explain the basics then move on to the fun stuff. Techniques are covered that go from differences in wing layout to climbing up poles and walls. For sure, some of what's shown is just plain fun but every effort is made to explain what is being doing and why.

The action is stopped or slowed as necessary to explain what's going on in an understandable manner. Your time is respected and it moves thoroughly but briskly through the many topics--you'll want to watch with a remote control.

Join Bill Heaner, Steve Mayer, Phil Russman, Jeff Goin and others as they open magic of advanced paraglider ground handling and get ready to move up to the next level.


Master PPG 2

Launching is our sport's most challenging task. This video covers a number of techniques to not only master launching, but to do so with grace and style. It details launching in strong winds, no winds, and cross winds; from confined areas, roads, different kinds of gear, and even tandem launching. Using both animation and live action graphics it clearly exposes a number of myths while explaining how these forces really act.

This lets me share the culmination of many years of learning from so many of our sport's top pilots. Video makes it clear. Thanks to Phil Russman, I have condensed it to improve clarity while reducing repetition. Sufficient repetition is included on difficult and important topics that should help pilots really understand.


Master PPG 3

This is the most important video in the series for anyone wanting to advance their flying. It explains the basics of precision flying with clear animations then moves on to progressively more detailed applications of those basics. It is foundational for every other type of precision flying. Topics include some basic applicable aerodynamics, master of left/right and fore/aft pendular control, precision height control, throttle finesse, rolling out of banks with grace, steep maneuvering, active flying in turbulence, competition tasks including thermaling, foot dragging, and more.

Besides being most important, this installment is the longest, involved the most pilots including two former world champions, and the most fun, with cool flying all all over the planet.


Master PPG 4

Part 4 of 4 in the Master Powered Paragliding Series. Master landing with style, grace and accuracy EVERY time. Working with some of the best pilots in the world we thoroughly show and explain techniques that can dramatically increase your success at making soft, stand up landings every time on the spot of your choosing.

We explain how to handle engine-out landings in many situations that involve different glide decisions with variations of winds and terrain.

Learn how to fly at airports. Viewers will learn about runways, numbering, wind indicators, how airplanes typically use them and how to be a knowledgeable user: knowledge that may make the difference between being asked to leave or welcomed for continued use.

This is what you need to master paramotoring's most inevitable maneuver.


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