Flow Freedom

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Freedom is a high EN B. A sophisticated glider where no compromise was made to achieve the perfect balance between performance, passive safety and playful handling.

Build with 65 cells. A 3 liner with an optimized line layout and a "solid" internal structure. Shark nose profile coupled with a reduced line plan to reduce drag, add not only stability and collapse resistance but also pitch stability which reflects into an enjoyable flying experience and ultimately – true performance. The sense of a safe and agile glider is always present on the Freedom.

The number of cells and the shark nose profile resembles an EN C glider, but the reduced AR and passive safety makes the Freedom well and truly a high-end B glider.

Freedom is built extensively of lightweight materials Our preference was for the long-lasting yet lightweight Porcher Skytex 27g.

The benefits:

  • Weight reduction and smaller packing volume.
  • Most importantly a lightweight construction gives the Freedom an enhanced handling and benign behavior post collapse when compared to a normal weight glider.
  • Easy Inflation in nil wind.

As the name suggests, Freedom was designed for the explorer and the traveler a glider to give the sense of freedom to traverse the unknown and venture to new horizons, safely.

With vol-biv in mind, we made a glider which offers a great speed range and stability when flown in the most challenging air. The combination of our shark-nose profile and internal construction combined with lightweight materials makes the Freedom to be the ideal piece of kit to any serious adventurer. A moderate AR of 5.6 allows pilots to slow the glider down to top land in those tight spots and also to launch from the most demanding places. The cohesion of the glider enables pilots to push hard against headwind with no worries.

Sizes KG Range Certificate 
S 60-85 EN B
M 75-100 EN B
L 90-115 EN B
XL 105-130 EN B