Paramotoring: The Essential Guide – By Dean Eldridge and Friends

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Paramotoring The Essential Guide is for pilots who want to know more about the skill, art and pleasure of flying a powered paraglider.

It’s packed with the latest information on techniques and equipment, with contributions from some of the best instructors and pilots in the world.

It draws on real-world experience from across the sport of paramotoring, all brought together in one easy-to-read book illustrated with clear diagrams and superb photography.

It includes:

  • Over 50 chapters to help you become a better pilot
  • 170 full-colour photos and illustrations
  • Expert advice on nailing your launches every time
  • Straightforward explanations of reflex technology
  • Advanced techniques including slalom flying, pylon racing, trikes, tandem, flying cross country and more
  • ‘How to’ chapters on understanding and maintaining your engine
  • Hundreds of tips to help you get the most out of your flying


Table of contents

  • About this book
  • Welcome to our world
  • Contributors
  • Learning to fly
  • Our equipment
  • How we fly
  • Reflex explained
  • Choosing a glider
  • The different types of engines
  • The propeller
  • Buying secondhand
  • Running in your motor
  • High, medium and low hangpoints
  • Thrust, torque and gyroscopic precession
  • Airspeed and groundspeed
  • Fitting your speedbar
  • Converting from paragliding to paramotoring
  • Being fit to fly
  • The ultimate flight preparation
  • Laying out the wing
  • The perfect forward launch
  • The reverse launch
  • Speedbar and trimmers
  • Navigation and flying cross country
  • Landing on cross-country flights
  • Landing reflex gliders
  • Spot landings
  • Flying in company
  • Low level flying
  • Cold climate flying
  • Flying over water
  • Adventure touring
  • Flying wingovers
  • Rapid descent techniques
  • Post-flight inspection
  • Travelling with your paramotor
  • Tandem flying
  • Flying trikes
  • Competition flying
  • Economy flying
  • Slalom flying
  • Pylon racing
  • Setting records
  • Understanding risk
  • Avoiding accidents
  • Killing the motor
  • Reserve parachutes
  • Why your engine is expensive
  • The carburettor
  • Carb icing
  • Making basic repairs
  • Basic propeller repairs
  • The spark plug
  • De-coking a two-stroke
  • Understanding the fuel system
  • Ethanol and your engine
  • Fuel consumption
  • Enjoying your flying
  • Glossary
  • The author
  • Thank you

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